gasthaus, gästehäuser, greißlerei

corporate design, art direction & design

2016 – 2021. Gasthaus Krenn is a long-established restaurant with a long tradition (14th century) in the beautiful Ennstal, Styria. After a short break it was reopened in 2016 and for that the entire corporate design was redesigned. The aim: to make the very region-conscious inn authentic, loving, and suitable for the region. The overall appearance is very lovely with a lot of attention to detail and supported by many hand drawn illustration elements where I did the Art Direction for it. (Illustration by

Tasks: Corporate Design, stationary, screen design of the website, product designs (self-produced / sourced by the region)

Result: the new appearance is very well received in the region and beyond...


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by red bull
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die reiserei

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gasthaus, gästehauser
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afro coffee

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carpe diem

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